Dates du projet de recherche : octobre 2010 – septembre 2013

Lien : http://eanalysis.pierrecouprie.fr

Responsables : Simon Emmerson & Leigh Landy

Chercheurs : Mike Gatt & Pierre Couprie

Groupe de recherché : De Montfort University’s Music, Technology and Innovation Research Group (Leicester, UK)


This three-year research project, made possible by an awarded of just under £300,000 by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC), will develop an analysis software package and an analytical toolbox relevant to the breadth of electroacoustic genres. This will draw together existing methods, engage the latest interactive and hypermedia tools, and apply them to a range of works to compare their strengths and weaknesses. This aims to illuminate both the procedures and the works. We will be better able to judge what analytical approach (or approaches) would be best suited to gain an insight and understanding of a particular genre of the music. The research will be undertaken by DMU Professors Simon Emmerson and Leigh Landy with musicologist and programmer Dr Pierre Couprie and doctoral student Mike Gatt. A number of new extensions, developments and refinements will result in a newly developed software application (‘E-Analyse’ derived from Pierre Couprie’s iAnalyse) which can apply a range of possible approaches.